SDCCD-District-Admin-Bldg-LED-Case-Study-1140x855-1140x855 (1)The answer to the question we posed in the title is absolutely. We’ve previously touched on the importance of lighting in the workplace for proper ergonomics, and how the color of the lighting effects employees in an office environment. Having the proper light is exceptionally important, yet it’s one of the last things many individuals think about. Making sure your commercial property has the best lighting available is key, not only in preventing eyestrain or improving the ability to see intricate details while working, but also to help increase productivity.

As the most trusted commercial lighting retrofiters in California for the last 30 years, we know how important lighting is to a productive working environment. Much like how the color of an office can affect how employees react and feel, proper lighting is very similar. It can dictate energy levels and mood of employees. While windows can help, not all spaces are ideal for large windows and natural light. Making sure you have bright, energy efficient light throughout a commercial property can provide many similar benefits.

Studies have shown time and time again, testing employees performing tasks in a variety of lighting conditions. These studies found that productivity truly improved under well-lit conditions because workers could see better. Additionally, according to Engineering News, they made fewer mistakes, which reduces waste, accidents, and time to fix those mistakes. It was also found that quality commercial lighting reduces the amount of time that employees are sick, increasing the number of days they can work.

Increase your energy efficiency and your worker efficiency when you call American Lighting, the best commercial lighting retrofiters in California.