American Lighting has retrofitted many hotels in the Bay Area, and we are proud to deliver unique, welcoming lighting schemes that save our clients thousands of dollars.

We know that your hotel’s success comes from the way it engages your patrons’ senses. That is why we are taking the time to discuss ways to make your hotel as appealing as possible. In our last three blogs, we have explored scent, electronics, and living things like plants and fish. Read on to explore how textures and lighting complement each other.

  1. Create soft textures
    • Our tips all involve the best ways to engage your patrons’ senses, and this is no exception. You want your hotel to be as comfortable as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is incorporate as many soft textures as possible. Deeply cushioned couches and overstuffed chairs are always popular.
    • Angular furniture can create a unique look, but be careful to soften it with pillows or a blanket. If you have wood or tile floors, put down a soft rug.
  2. Soften everything with gentle light
    • Soft, energy-efficient lighting will lessen your patrons’ stress – and yours! When you use retrofitted lighting systems, you get incredible freedom to create the atmosphere your patrons crave for low costs.
    • Soft lighting can be the perfect contrast to trendy, angular furniture. Patrons will find the combination intriguing whether they realize it or not.

Your hotel can make a phenomenal impression on your patrons. There is no limit to the excellence and comfort you can bring everyone who steps in your doors. Contact American Lighting for a free consultation today!

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