In our last blog, we discussed some tips for making your facility the best it can be. At American Lighting, we want to help you dominate your industry, and excellent lighting is where that starts. When you have great lighting, keeping everyone safe is easier.

You need to make safety an integral part of daily procedures, not a nice thought that everyone agrees with in a meeting and forgets the instant they get back to work. We have some more tips for organically integrating safety into your procedures.

  1. Don’t hold safety meetings
    • Eliminate “safety” from the names of your meetings. Instead, call them production meetings or manufacturing training. Make it clear that safety is not a separate add-on to normal procedures – it is the procedures.
    • If employees are struggling to understand the weight of safety procedures, use examples to give them perspective. For instance, there was an E. coli outbreak in a Canadian plant that put over 2,000 workers out of their jobs. Once your employees understand that safety protects their employment as well as their bodies and their customers, they are much more likely to comply.
  2. Light your facility effectively and efficiently
    • Your current lighting may be sufficient, but you need to be the best in your industry. Being the best starts with your facility. If you have gotten comfortable with older lighting fixtures, you are wasting both energy and money. The truth is, a lighting retrofit will not only give you brighter light, it will pay for itself.

Even if you are not sure you can do a lighting retrofit right now, we encourage you to contact us and start a conversation. We can give you a clear picture of what it takes to access the incredible savings and lighting efficiency that comes with lighting retrofits. Let us help you get all the information before you make a decision for your warehouse and manufacturing buildings. Contact us today!