It is incredible how easy it is to adjust to bad lighting. Many times, you won’t know how bad your lighting is until you experience good lighting. At the end of the day, you cannot afford to have sub-par lighting. Your employees depend on you to keep your warehouse and manufacturing buildings safe, and that is why we shared some tips for making your workplace the best it can be in our last blog. We have some more for you today! 

  1. Do your best to minimize the bad side of processes
    • All processes have a downside, but it can be minimized when you’re clear about boundaries with your employees.
    • For example, when it comes to communication with employees in a plant, people have found that texting is a more effective method than radios with headphones. However, requiring your employees to stay connected to their phones means they will be constantly exposed to the phone’s distractions – texting, games, and browsing the web. This is where establishing crisp boundaries will help both you and your employees stay safe.
  2. Invest in world-class lighting
    • Many people worry that a lighting retrofit will dim their current light levels, but nothing could be further from the truth. When we are done with your facility, you will be able to see into corners you forgot existed.

Our energy efficient LED fixtures and T5 fluorescent systems improve lighting quality and save you money on energy consumption as well as maintenance. New lighting fixtures not only reduce energy consumption by 60%, their lifespan is about five times longer than your current lamps. Think about those savings! We know that there is another part of your operation that needs that money! Contact us today to learn more!

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