American Lighting is dedicated to being in your corner when it comes to dominating your industry. If you have a warehouse or manufacturing facility, bright lighting that saves you money is a must-have.

In our last blog, we gave you couple important tips for integrating safety into your commercial buildings. We have a few more!

  1. Evaluate your plant continuously
    • Technology changes constantly. As a result, your operating procedures and equipment change, too. If these changes are not handled correctly, you can have significant safety hazards that aren’t obvious.
    • We all know that a mere loose plug can cause electrocution. Any injury is a huge detriment to your employees as well as the productivity of your operation. Each part of your equipment needs to be constantly watched – monthly inspections will not do.
  2. Get bright lighting
    • Remember that your lighting is an integral member of your equipment family. You update your equipment to stay abreast of new developments, and lighting should be included.
    • There is a good chance your lighting is outdated, simply because people do not update their lights like they do their equipment. That means that you have an unnecessary drain on your resources: you are wasting energy and money. You need a retrofit.

American Lighting has been in business since 1986, and we consider it our duty to keep up with lighting innovations and offer them to everyone we can. Everyone we work with has reservations about getting a lighting retrofit, so we are fully equipped to answer all your questions. Contact us today!

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