As fall nears, people are heading back to work and kids are starting school following summer vacation. You’ve enjoyed your time away from the office, but you’re ready to get back to work. If you’ve noticed that your office lighting is inadequate, or certain areas have less light than others, it can be a distracting and frustrating environment in which to work. As your commercial lighting contractors in California, American Lighting Supply can help you enjoy brighter offices and better light.

We want you to enjoy where you work, and if inadequate light is causing eye strain while looking at computer screens all day, we want to help. We’ll thoroughly assess your current lighting system, and then craft a detailed plan for how we can improve your office lighting. Old ballasts and bulbs will be replaced with new, more energy efficient ones, not only giving you better light, but greater energy savings as well. Your electric company may even call you to see what you’ve done to reduce your bill so drastically!

No matter if your office has good natural light, the days are beginning to get shorter, and let means less sunshine during the working day. If you arrive very early in the morning, you need adequate light by which to work. Let your commercial lighting contractors in California help you enjoy a well-lit, energy efficient office that cuts down on eye strain, energy use, and improves your working atmosphere. Call or email us today, and we’ll get started on your office lighting upgrade.