1. Tell Me About LED’s Again!

    In the past few weeks, we’ve concentrated on the significant benefits that an LED retrofit can deliver to commercial facilities and the details of how our energy audit and retrofit product management work. In this week’s article, we will return to the reasons that LED light bulbs can deliver great savings. Discovery We’ll start with a review of what LED light bulbs are. The first steps of th…Read More

  2. LED Retrofitting Case Study Summaries

    If you are considering an LED retrofit for your commercial complex or institutional complex, there are some very concrete reasons you should follow through and hire American Lighting to implement your retrofit for you. The benefits may seem ethereal, but we can ensure you that the savings and light quality improvements are real. For illustration purposes, we’ll look at some past projects around …Read More

  3. Commercial Lighting Contractor Services

    If you are a commercial facility manager or a business owner who is responsible for managing the energy consumption of your business or facility, you might be looking for ways to trim the fat when it comes to energy consumption. You might be looking for tips and hints for cutting usage or for bigger, systemic changes that will lower your current bills and keep them low for the foreseeable future. …Read More

  4. The Right LED Lighting for Your Facility

      Getting the right LED light in the right space is a science and an art. You need to understand lighting needs as well as the performance of the many different LED light bulbs. To make sure you put an inadequate fixture in any particular location, it’s a smart idea to use a retrofitting consultant. We are American Lighting and are a leading LED lighting retrofitting contractor working thro…Read More

  5. New LED Parking Lot Light Pole Installer

    Parking lot lights are an important property feature of your outdoor public spaces, making them safer, brighter, and more energy efficient with high-quality, well-designed,  long-lasting parking lot LED light poles. Many properties have weather-worn, ugly, inefficient pole lights. LED parking lot lights are a proven capital expenditure project component in increased retail traffic, a rise in pro…Read More

  6. Does Your Commercial Building Have The Required Emergency Lighting?

    Power outages are not common, but they do occasionally hit and it's important to be ready. It is a mandated requirement that all buildings have emergency LED backup lights in the appropriate areas. This ensures that routes and exits will be illuminated adequately for a safe evacuation. Emergency lights usually work with a nickel cad battery backup ballast attached to each of the fixtures. This ba…Read More

  7. Join the LED Revolution!

    Companies and institutions all over the country are joining the LED revolution. Whether you are working on a new construction project or a retrofit of an existing commercial building, American Lighting is the lighting contractor to work with for outstanding results. In this week’s blog, we’ll give a run down of our services and discuss why choosing LED lighting for your next project can provid…Read More

  8. The LED Color Challenge

    While you may not naturally think about it, once you notice the color of the light in a space, you often can’t stop thinking about it. For certain spaces, you simply expect a certain color of light. Sunlight looks a particular way and typically is a bit warmer. Rooms at home, with tungsten lighting, typically feel very warm and look almost yellow. Similarly, warehouses tend to have an almost gre…Read More

  9. Controlled Commercial Parking Garage LED Lighting

    Commercial Parking Garage lighting has new LED technology to drive light, safety and savings in a trifecta of efficiency. Cars enter the area and the LED lights instantly sense the occupancy and shoot up to full brightness mode for a set period of time after the occupant is out of the area and then they dim down to as low as 10 percent brightness (we can program to customers desired levels).  Th…Read More