If you manage or own a car dealership, you want people to see your vehicles and think, “I would love to stop in and see what I can find.” One of the best ways to grab people’s attention is with a bright, well-lit car lot. If the sun goes down and your cars aren’t visible, you may miss that next potential customer. As your commercial lighting contractors in California, American Lighting Supply can improve your outdoor lighting at a fair and affordable cost.

Many times, the first thing a person notices about a car is its color. With new lamps and ballasts in your outdoor lot, your vehicles will “pop” under the crisp, bright light of your new lighting system. Improved light is also essential to the security and safety of your dealership, since better light can deter potential vandals and thieves. Your security cameras will also be able to record better footage under your new lights. Not only will your new lights improve your visibility and security, the energy savings you’ll enjoy are another great benefit.

When you contact your commercial lighting contractors in California, we’ll come to your dealership and accurately assess your current lighting system. After providing a detailed proposal to you and receiving the go-ahead, we’ll begin installing your lights and before you know it, your cars will be bathed in brighter, clearer light. The people that drive by won’t be able to help turning their heads and viewing all of the wonderful vehicles that you have to offer.