American Lighting is the master of commercial lighting in California. We constantly fight to remain on the cutting-edge of lighting technology. We offer rebates to make our services more than affordable – services that pay for themselves within a year. When you get your lighting redone with us, there is no way you can lose. However, sometimes people hesitate because they have misconceptions about the LED’s – light-emitting diodes – that make our lighting solutions so revolutionary. The biggest is that LEDs produce cold light, which might be fine for a garage or a warehouse, but it’s not fine for a hospital, a school … anywhere you’re trying to keep people comfortable.

This misconception about LED lighting grows out of the experimentation that has been done with LEDs. It is true: some very unpleasant, green-yellow bulbs were created. However, that was just the process. Thanks to development, we now have LED bulbs that emit light right where it makes us happiest. This is the light that makes everything clear and yet feels warm. In fact, LED bulbs could be called the happy medium between incandescents and fluorescents. They have the warmth of incandescents and the crispness of fluorescents. And even better: they last a very, very long time and don’t cost a lot to power.

Don’t let misconceptions about LEDs prevent you from taking advantage of their efficiency, brightness, and warmth. At American Lighting, we have the best bulbs and fixtures to replace your old ones. Call today and let us usher in efficiency, clarity, and affordability into your facility. You won’t regret it.