When you choose American Lighting, you’re choosing the commercial lighting contractors in California that strives to offer you the best and newest energy efficient lighting technologies. Whether you’re looking to install new lighting or update your current lighting in your warehouse, office space, or other commercial property, we’ve got a solution for you. Today we’re specifically talking about office lighting and the fact that proper office lighting is a workplace necessity.

Poor office lighting has a direct effect on your office employees because it affects work performance. Why? Because poor office lighting puts a strain on your employees’ eyes which can even lead to bigger issues like headaches and eye illnesses. Aside of these things, proper lighting in an office space also brights aesthetic value and advantages because employees will be much more likely to want to come into the office when the office looks and feels better.

Not sure where to start with updating or installing new office lighting? There’s no need to stress when you have American Lighting on your side! We come out to your location and assess everything for you. Once we evaluate your office space, we’ll draw out a proposal for you that not only identifies before and after energy costs but also works within your budget and guarantees rebates. You get all of this, plus you don’t have to install anything yourself – we do it all for you, too!

Start saving money and improving your employees performance levels with our energy efficient commercial lighting today!