In our most recent post, we here at American Lighting gave you a couple of solid examples of their work as commercial lighting contractors. We reviewed a couple of car lots where we had to light a large space for security reasons. You also want good lighting on our streets and workplace parking lots for security, but we also need it for the safety of drivers and pedestrians, alike. As a California lighting contractor, we are very well aware of how important it is to have security lighting available on your streets and parking lots. Here are a couple of examples of how we can make your parking lot or city streets safer through superior, energy efficient lighting.

City of Santa Clara – LED Street Lighting

“The City of Santa Clara partnered up with American Lighting to provide LED solutions to numerous projects in the City of Santa Clara. Projects included parking lots, street lighting and parkway lighting.  The new Led lighting has provided fantastic light levels at all of our projects.  Our public that uses the parks and our employees that use the parking lights are pleased with the new lighting and in turn, the City expects longer up time and less energy costs making this project a win-win.”

– Ken Winland, Bldg Maintenance Mgr

Project Highlights

  • HID Fixtures Replaced With New LED Fixtures

  • Brighter Lights For Greater Safety

  • Longer Life Means Huge Maintenance Savings

  • Energy Savings Exceeded 50% Per Fixture

Hewlett Packard – Parking Lot Lights

“The quality of lighting is better!  We definitely see a reduction in costs.  Our site looks better.  A few bumps in the road were quickly resolved and the customer service from American Lighting has been great.”

Dave Homan, Manager

Project Highlights

  • Before = 458 Watt HID Fixtures

  • After = 220 Watt T5 Fixtures

  • Big SDGE Rebate

  • 24 Month Payback

  • Annual Savings = $23,000