Commercial lighting contractors in California are the way to go when you are looking to renew the way that your home, office, or place of business operate. Having poor lighting conditions is not conducive to productivity—it can leave employees or customers feeling displaced. But when things are well lit, they take on a welcoming environment that is prime for work and a thriving business. When you are looking for energy efficient lighting, see us, the American Lighting company that has over 25 years of experience.


With specialties in warehouse energy efficient lighting, hotels and casinos, hospitals, commercial office buildings, schools and colleges, and car dealerships, there is a common trend with all of these places: they have to be well lit to be welcoming or run efficiently at all. Warehouse lighting in California means that you have to have beyond just decent lighting in a sprawling space. Being a light contractor in California means that you have to know how best to save energy (because we of California try to be as green as possible) but also we must know how to save as much money as possible for energy expenses because, let’s face it, California is an expensive place.


If you you are looking for retrofitting, a contracting partner, or someone to advise you on how best to light your business, dealership, or warehouse, go to the people who clearly know what they are doing in the industry. Go to the leaders of light contracting. Go to American Lighting.