We are a commerical lighting contractor company and we pride ourselves in offering our customers the newest energy efficient LED lighting technologies. In addition, as an award-winning leader in the lighting retrofit industry, and experts with statewide utility rebate programs, we offer turn-key projects that save energy and return on investment. Our process includes:

Energy Audit & Proposal
We will meet you at your building and perform an energy audit of the lights at your facility. We will examine light needs, current lighting usage rates, types of fixtures and bulbs. This information will be processed by our engineering team to provide you with a Detailed Proposal that is optimized for energy savings and light levels at your site. The proposal will clearly identify your “before and after” energy costs and the Return on Investment for the project. The LED retrofit proposal is very easy to understand.

There are rebates and incentives for our Commercial Lighting Retrofits projects. We understand and work with all of the rebate programs in California. Each rebate program is different. The rules and requirements are frequently difficult to understand. For example, many programs can take up to a year to issue the check for the rebate. We understand these rules and will process rebates for you. In fact, we deduct the rebate directly from the cost of your project so that you don’t have to worry about it. No one can get you a higher rebate than we can!

Positive Cash Flow – Right Away
We don’t require a cash investment from our customers. Ever. If rebates are available for your installation, we’ll process those and use them as a down payment. Then we’ll finance the rest of your installation costs. Your payment on that financing is simply a portion of the monthly energy savings that come from our Energy Efficient Lighting retrofit. This means that your business is cash flow positive from the moment we complete your project.

Quick Payback
Our LED lighting installations quickly pay for themselves. In fact, many of our projects pay for themselves in less than 12 months.

Improved Lighting Quality
While every American Lighting installation pays for itself in energy savings, sometimes the incalculable benefits of a retrofit can be even more valuable than the energy savings themselves. The Energy Efficient Lighting systems we install provide improved lighting quality. Independent studies have shown that improved lighting can boost worker morale, increase safety and even encourage consumer spending.

Experience Matters
We admit it – there are other companies who will come in and replace your lighting fixtures. But none of them have what we do – 30 years of experience. We use our experience to customize every installation. The LED lighting system retrofit we design for your application will maximize both your lighting quality and your energy savings. That’s something the other guys just can’t offer.

Satisfied Customers
We are committed to customer satisfaction on every project. We have over 100 Case Studies from projects we’ve completed – check them out!

You Sign The Paperwork – We Do The Work
The only thing we need from you is a signature. Then our team of engineers, rebate experts, and installation technicians will handle the rest. There’s no time commitment required from you or your employees.

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