American Lighting specializes in commercial lighting retrofits. That means we remove the old lighting systems draining your bank account and replace them with brilliant, energy-efficient systems that pay for themselves within 12 months. We have helped dozens of companies from car dealerships to hospitals around California save money with our retrofits.

In this three-part series of blogs, we are exploring the reasons why you should change to LED lighting. As LEDs have become more and more mainstream, their benefits have become common knowledge. However, there are benefits that are rarely touched upon. To read about the first three, visit our previous blog.

  1. LEDs are silent
    • While other bulbs tick, ping, or thrum, LEDs are perfectly silent. Enjoy the depth of focus you and your employees can achieve when not distracted by your lighting system!
  2. LEDs dim the best
    • If you have ever dimmed an incandescent bulb, you probably noticed it turned very yellow. LEDs do not have that problem; they remain their true color all the way down.
  3. LEDs are versatile
    • LEDs truly can replace any light bulb. They come in a huge array of shapes and colors. Not only that, they are tiny. Their size and energy efficiency make many things possible that were not before.

Oftentimes, it seems easier to stick with what you already have rather than go through the inconvenience of changing things up, even if it means improvement. That is how you will get stuck with an inferior lighting system. Do not let that happen – call American Lighting today!