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T8 Upgrades, Exterior Lighting Upgrades, LED Upgrades

American Lighting is the leading energy efficient commercial lighting contractor in California, having successfully served over 12,000 clients since 1986.  We have been awarded Top Lighting Contractor and Energy Showcase Award Winner by SDGE, SCE, and PGE.   American Lighting offers its clients lighting retrofit projects for commercial buildings and warehouses that pay for themselves with the energy savings produced.

Most of our clients start with our FREE ENERGY SAVINGS ASSESSMENT, in which one of our representatives visits their establishment and reviews the current lighting system. Our engineers then assess the project and make recommendations for an energy efficient upgrade, such as a T8 lighting retrofit, that will pay for itself.  This custom proposal and assessment is prepared at no cost.

We also provide financing for every lighting project we install – your savings will pay for the project!

Why Use American Lighting?

Save Energy.  Save Money.  It may sound simple, but for 25 years that’s exactly what we’ve been helping our customers to do. Our energy efficient commercial lighting retrofits reduce energy consumption, improve lighting quality, require no cash outlay and provide positive cash flow from the moment we flip the switch on a new installation. We strive to continue to be one of the best commercial lighting contractors in California.

Satisfied Customers

As one of the leading commercial light contractors in California, we are committed to Customer Satisfaction on every project. Here’s a quote from a recent project: “We love our new lights.  Our product looks great under the new lights, and SDGE called us after the project was over to find out why our consumption dropped by so much in just one month!” – Paul Matey, Service Mgr – South Bay Volkswagen.